Bespoke Furniture London

Trust in us for bespoke furniture in London

Linea Luxe regularly work in London to create luxury products of the finest quality. We offer both standard collections of luxury furniture and bespoke pieces which are made-to-order. The result is sophisticated and gorgeous furniture without the usual stress involved in this type of process.

How do we make our bespoke furniture in London?

Our bespoke one-off pieces can be made using a design brief, which begins with an image or drawing for inspiration. We will then provide you with a quote for the work and the amount of fabric needed. All bespoke pieces will be drawn in detail before being approved for production.

In addition, you can view CAD representations of furniture showing all the important details before going ahead.

Every bespoke piece is produced to the same standards as our standard range. Furthermore, our experts can provide plenty of feedback in terms of practicality, comfort and design.

To speak to us about your ideas on a bespoke piece of furniture call today on 01923 549005. Alternatively, you can browse our range of furniture by taking a look through our website.