Our Services

Make it your own

If you want something bespoke or unique we have an experienced team to hand who can provide real and practical advice. From your first ideas we can help develop this into a basic CAD design. If you want something a little more presentable we can also create 3D photo realistic renders. Get in touch to start the creative process.

Bring your furniture back to life

In such a disposable time it is often our oldest possessions that we keep close to our heart. Much loved sofas and chairs which have been in the family for an age become heirlooms that are hard to part with. For the most part there is now reason to have to go through this. Our re-upholstery team can come and collect your pieces and bring back to our workshop. The old upholstery is removed and our senior technician then tests and inspects the filling and frame. If there is some repair work needed we can easily apply this now before cutting and dressing in a brand new fabric of your choosing. What comes back to you is a new piece but with the same comfort and warmth of an old friend.

Dress your windows with style

Our designers often feel the very first important decision when creating a room design starts with the windows. Carefully thought our, perfectly balance and elegantly dressed this important first step often sets the tone throughout the project. Our team have had almost 25 years combined experience in designing curtains and our curtain maker herself has had nearly 50 years experience. We offer a complete service from initial visit to measure up, to creating a mood board with textural balance; to crafting exceptional works of art and finally fitting to ensure perfect balance.