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Bespoke Luxury Furniture

Linea Luxe believe that all life’s greatest luxury products can only be crafted by hand. Attention to detail, care and respect for how we treat our creations and patience to allow the masterpiece to develop. Our experienced team works with the best tools and latest technology yet employ traditional techniques learnt from a lifetime of experience. Every piece that leaves our workshop carries with it our pride and commitment that it has been produced in the best possible way. It is for this reason we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our creations.

The Art of Craft

Every bit of furniture we make is crafted by hand from the most exceptional raw materials. We spare no expense to make sure what we make stands the test of time.

Express Yourself

Aside from our collection of products we make bespoke. If you have an idea for something unique or you simply want to express yourself through design get in touch with our team who can guide you through the design process to ensure what you end up with is as precious and individual as yourself.

Old Is The New

If your favourite piece of furniture needs a new lease of life there’s no need to throw it away. We offer a complete re-upholstery service to and from your front door

Branding Design

Putting our name on something means something to us. It is our most valuable advert and a benchmark for excellence. Each piece must pass our scrupulous quality control to make sure it carries our brand and good name with it.

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